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Believe in your dreams..
Theme futurasuicida; base itsjustimagine e alguns detalhes de ilusoes-do-passado

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I thought of you and where you'd gone 
and let the world spin madly on (X)

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Gruvia doujinshi : Rainy Days chapter 2

First part

Read Chapter 1 here and here

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Triste não é ver você feliz com outra pessoa, mas saber que você é feliz sem mim.
Rafael Gorgatt  (via poetas-suicidas)

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Female Video Game Character Meme - Day Five
        Character in a game with a Male Protagonist - Princess Zelda  

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Here is the second chapter of my gruvia doujinshi : Rainy days ! This chapter is about juvia’s childood. Hope you like it! (I don’t feel guilty of drawing a sad story)

Part 2

Read Chapter 1 here and here

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@riotgames @lolesports 

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